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Company introduction – National Engineering Co., Ltd.

Auto Roaster(Large)

  • Size105 * 105 * 145 cm (W * L * H)
  • Weight350 kg
  • Power Consumption19Kw
  • Rated voltage380v/220v
  • Capacity30kg (10min)
  • Volume Handling at maximum range35kg


Low failure rate of Auto Roaster(Large)
Low failure rate that can be exported overseas

The failure rate is very low compared to products using traditional inverters.

Cast iron bottom plate of Auto Roaster(Large)
Cast iron bottom plate

The bottom of the roaster is made by whole cast iron, so the thermal conductivity is very good.

Large input capacity of Auto Roaster(Large)
Large input capacity

It can put up to 30kg once so it is an efficient product that can cover a large amount of production.


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