Hydraulic Oil Press(HANARO B Type)

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Hydraulic oil press (Model:HANARO PRESS) is designed for high-quality oil which is pressed with low temperature.
This cold press machine is very closed to a traditional way of extracting seed oil.


Cacao butter pressing
Sesame oil pressing
Flaxseed pressing


  • Minimum downtime

HANARO B TYPE cacao press machines are made of top grade materials. Their sturdy design ensures minimal maintenance and required even after a decade of extensive use.

  • Cost-efficiency

‘HANARO B TYPE’ high capacity cacao press machine optimises productivity makes them the most cost-effective cacao pressing process available.

  • Easy to clean

Our cacao press machines are easy to keep scrupulously clean. The smooth surfaces emphasised by their design are produced with bacteriological hygiene in mind.

  • Optimum performance due to standardisation

Standardisation of all machines right down to the smallest component ensures the best performance.

  • High safety

Safety is a top priority for our cacao press machines. The operator is always protected, and it is nearly impossible to damage the machine itself.

  • After service

We provide free guaranty service during the first year from the purchase of the machine. We have some methods to help the customer’s problem, such as video instruction, E-mail solution and so on.
After that, we supply the paid service. We also can send our technician to your place( It depends on the place and the cost must be paid by the customer such as Air, Accommodation fee).


Processing capacity * up to 35 kg/h up to 35 kg/h
Residual oil content press cake * 6,5 - 10 % 6,5 - 10 %
Oil temperature at outlet * 35 - 40 °C 35 - 40 °C
Cake temperature at outlet * 40 - 50 °C 40 - 50 °C
Dimensions(LxWxH) 700 x 1000 x 1450 mm 600 x 900 x 1450 mm
Weight 950 kg 900 kg
Motor rating 2.9 kW 2.5 kW
Power supply 3 Phase, 50,60 Hz, 380,415 V 3 Phase, 50,60 Hz,380,415 V
Single batch capacity Up to 7kg Up to 7kg
※ Variable dependant on seed type and machine setting parameters